Phonak Naida V

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Phonak Naida V - Hermitage Audiology

The dedicated power hearing aid portfolio designed specifically for listeners with severe to profound hearing loss. Naída V combines power and performance, utilizing groundbreaking, dedicated features for overall increased audibility. Naída V is available in three models and four performance levels. Together with your hearing care professional you can choose the best solution to match your lifestyle, degree of hearing loss and budget.


  • More audibility of high-frequency sounds
    The new and intelligent adaptive behavior of SoundRecover2 lowers high-frequency sounds only when high-frequency input is detected while maintaining sound quality of low and mid frequencies. As a result, the frequency range of audible sounds is increased and sound quality preserved.
  • Up to 6 dB more output
    The BroadbandBooster amplifies incoming mid and loud broadband signals up to 5 dB more than when switched off. As a result, mid and loud incoming broadband signals are more audible without any distortion from peak clipping. A new mechanical and acoustical design, the new xUP receiver for Naída V-RIC offers additional gain and output of up to 6 dB in the low frequencies without increased battery consumption.
  • Smaller devices for more people
    The fitting ranges of Naída V-RIC and Naída V-SP have been extended towards more severe losses, allowing more people to benefit from a smaller device. Naída V-SP is 25% thinner than its predecessor, making it more comfortable to wear and less visible.
  • Increased confidence and reliability
    With a new glass fiber reinforced material, Naída V is now 60% more robust than its predecessor and is also water and dust resistant with an IP68 rating. This provides clients with the confidence of knowing their hearing aid will remain reliable in even the most demanding conditions.