Oticon Sumo DM

Consistent performance for longer.

Oticon Sumo DM

Consistent performance for longer

Many people with severe or profound hearing loss can only hear low-frequency sounds, so that’s where Sumo provides more power. The advanced digital processing ensures that even with the extra power, voices – including your own – never sound distorted or uncomfortable.

General Features

  • Your acquisition of Sumo DM is a departure from older technology. One of the first things you'll notice is that not everything is as loud or distorted as it used to be.

    It's amazing how one can become accustomed to very loud sounds and noise. With Sumo DM, you'll soon discover that a signal that isn't polluted by extraneous noise reveals more information and is far more comfortable to listen to.

    You'll still have ALL THE POWER you need, but where noise and distortion are concerned, Sumo DM adopts a "Less is more" attitude. It cuts a swathe though irrelevant noise to provide access to the highly relevant, more subtle sounds you might have been missing.

  • Features Description
    More consistent performance – for longer As a super power user you require consistently high output, but you also need a battery that lasts. With Sumo, you can have both. Unlike other instruments, whose output fades quickly, Sumo’s battery management system minimises the battery drain. So you get more consistent output for longer.
    Simple to use Both the manual volume control and the Telecoil switch, which improves sound quality when you are on the phone, are very user friendly.
    Hard wearing Super Power instruments must be reliable – and Sumo is engineered for long-term durability. It’s ideal for active children and is tough enough to withstand the most demanding everyday conditions.
  • More power in less space

    In the past, the term Super Power was associated with large, rather inelegant instruments. But today, Sumo’s unique engineering and design packs more power into less space. Sumo users really appreciate the comfort of smaller, narrower and lighter hearing aids.

    Sumo DM comes in this style:

    Behind-The-Ear Super Power
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