Oticon Safari SP

Power to choose, freedom to personalise.

Oticon Safari SP

Power to choose, freedom to personalise

Safari SP is speci cally designed to help children overcome the challenges of severe to profound hearing loss. A critical aspect of hearing technology design is to match the acoustic signal to residual auditory function -a functionality which is absolutely essential, particularly for children with severe to profound hearing loss. Speech constitutes the most important auditory signal for human communication, and how a speech signal is processed by a compression scheme affects auditory processing and neural encoding in the brain. This is why the sound presented to the auditory system of a child with hearing loss should be undistorted and contain as many details of the original signal as possible.

General Features

  • Power to hear more

    From the day they are born, children with severe to profound hearing loss need access to as many sounds as possible. With consistent access to speech sounds and a wide frequency range, the auditory system is provided with more information to facilitate the connection between sound and meaning.

    Power to keep up

    Whether it’s a playground, classroom or sports hall, children spend most of their lives in dynamic environments. With normal hearing these situations are manageable, but with a severe to profound hearing loss they can be an on-going battle.

    The power to connect and interact

    The Bluetooth-enabled Streamer and ConnectLine offer fast and easy access to PCs, TVs, music players and phones keeping teens and young children in touch with their world. The input signal can be sent directly into Safari with a single touch of a button. The Bluetooth-enabled Streamer and ConnectLine offer fast and easy access to PCs, TVs, music players and phones keeping teens and young children in touch with their world. The input signal can be sent directly into Safari with a single touch of a button.

  • Oticon Safari is a complete family of hearing instruments that fits all age groups from infants to teens. The unique needs of all children and young adults can be accommodated with models suitable for mild-moderate to profound hearing losses. A strong audiological concept combined with a robust design and intelligent LED indicator makes Safari perfect for children. A dedicated paediatric fitting mode in Genie makes fitting and counselling even easier.

    Family Features

    Speech Guard Spatial Sound Spatial Noise Management Binaural Processing Extended Bandwidth up to 10 kHz Binaural PB/VC Coordination Analogue volume control with mute Program button with mute Streamer & ConnectLine options LED status indicator Binaural Dynamic Feedback Cancellation 2 (DFC2) Four user programs AutoPhone program Memory (datalogging) Battery Low warning Wind noise protection TriState Noise Management Multi-band Adaptive Directionality DSL v5.0a m[i/o], NAL-NL1, NAL-RP and DSEsp T-coil FM and DAI input option Paediatric Fitting Mode nEARcom Cordless enabled
  • Power to last, quality to rely on

    Children with hearing loss are just as full of life and energy as any other children and of course need a robust and safe hearing solution to fit their many changing needs as they grow from infanthood to teenager. In Safari SP Oticon has incorporated many features to support robustness and safety.

    Designed to last

    Whether they’re running, climbing, biking or skating, children have a natural urge to push themselves to the limit. Recognising that the nature of their hearing loss makes them very dependent on their instruments, we’ve made sure that Safari SP provides both the reliability and ease of use they need. To match the varied lifestyles of children of all ages, we have incorporated features that increase robustness, such as strengthened shell construction, stronger hooks and much more.

    New improved tamper-resistant battery door

    Hearing instruments designed for children must not only be strong, they must also be safe. At Oticon, we do not compromise on hearing performance or child safety. This is why the Oticon Safari SP hearing instruments feature a tamper resistant battery door, to help keep batteries out of the reach of inquisitive fingers. Our paediatric tamper resistant battery doors have been thoroughly tested and are in compliance with the new IEC60601-2-66 international standard. This means that the risk of infants getting hold of the small batteries is greatly minimized.

    Changing batteries quickly and easily

    Keeping safety at its highest, Oticon has not compromised convenience when changing batteries. The tamper resistant battery door is easily operated –simply unwind the small lock with the enclosed mini-screwdriver, remove the old battery, then replace it with a fresh one. The small screwdriver provided by your hearing care professional is equipped with a small strap that can be conveniently attached to your key-ring, or anywhere you find useful.

    Real-life testing

    To fully test Safari SP’s strength and resilience as a hearing solution for children, we created a test setting that mimics real life as much as possible. Safari SP has been tested by:

    Dropping the instruments multiple times from a height of 1.5 m Pushing buttons and turning volume wheels up to 25,000 times Sliding a robot finger up to 2,500 times over the surface Opening and closing battery doors up to 25,000 times

    We are proud to say that Safari SP passed every test. As a result, we are fully confident that children wearing Safari SP can enjoy an active lifestyle like any other child - full of energy, and full of life.

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